Ditch the split it only ever favours Them

The split is again forcing clubs like Hearts and Kilmarnock to play a third match at Ibrox meaning that the cash cow will not be visiting their pastures again this season.

It is time to either scrap the split entirely or revise it, the first throws up its own problems logistically with 44 games being tedious, 22 games being uneven and unfair and 22 being not nearly enough.

So what to do?

The easiest way would be to move to a 14 team Premiership with 2 full rounds of 13 matches initially making 26 matches.

Then split the Premiership into 2 groups of 7 who would then play home and away for another 12 matches making a whole season of 38 games with everyone playing each other home and away.

There would, of course, need to be 2 byes per team in this period which could be scheduled around Scottish Cup or European fixtures for the teams who are competing in them.

To do this it would mean no relegation this year, St. Mirren would come up with whoever wins through the playoffs.

Then promote 6 teams to the Championship from league 1 and merge League 1 and 2 as a National League meaning there would be 3 Leagues of 14 all playing by the same rules.

Of course, a 14 team League was suggested in 2012-13 but a team that won the old 3rd division demanded to rise 2 leagues so as not diminish their first achievement and the idea went away.

Sometimes in Scotish Football, the more things change the more they stay the same.



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