Double dose of Red Bull stinks of UEFA’s impotence and corruption

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For starters I think our draw is very achievable, Leipzig will be hard particularly away but I expect us to get past Salzburg and Rosenborg.

However there is a bigger issue at play, how can franchises of a company be allowed to compete against each other in European competition?

That the City group can go and buy teams like Girona is a mute point as they have no chance of meeting Manchester City until such time that they topple Barca and Real Madrid or City topple into the Europa League from a shock exit hypothetically coming third in the group stages.

Imagine that did happen, would it be sanctioned?

I would suggest not, the idea that teams can be bought by an energy drink and rebranded is itself a farce, I remember a certain demographic swooning at the idea of becoming RB Newco.

Should this group be decided by a match with any controversy over the scoreline it must be probed.

We have seen corruption in Italy on a systemic level, we have watched Sevco scream for moving along after its decade of cheating and accordingly the powers that be sanction no action.

This draw shows all that is wrong with Modern Football, whereby clubs are companies owned by multinational companies who collude together to keep the strong in power.

Leipzig themselves have been able to circumvent the 50+1 rule of fan ownership in the Bundesliga and are a disgrace to Football itself.

The two games it plays against its sister side will be interesting watching to say the least.