DUP coalition will have the English begging for a United Ireland

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Welcome to a world of paranoia, hysteria and hyperbole England, your puppets just stuck their hands up your arse.

Those who habitually facepalm when confronted with the latest garbage emanating from the Order will know that the UK is about to hit a seismic shift in opinion.

Ra Peepul have nothing on these people when it comes to delusion.

Climate change is a con.

Abortion is a crime.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and transgender people are not equal.

DUP’s YouTube channel dragging their knuckles over marriage equality. “Not an issue of equality”

AIDS is only caught by them after all…

Terrorism is a blanket to wrap yourself in and demand more hard line social policies whilst being complicit to the worst atrocities and collusion of the UDA.

The UFF, LVF, UVF, UDA and other such Protestant Paramilitaries, not to be confused with Catholic terrorists, have their political wing with a weekly audience to the worst Prime Minister the so called United Kingdom has had since Thatcher.

You couldn’t make this up!

Far from being afraid of a hard Brexit or of a hard border for that matter, let us look at the benefits to progressive politics.

These bigots are living in the nineteenth century let alone the 1990’s.

Britain has changed since the 90’s and changed for the better in many respects.

The blind loyalty of yesteryear and blanket xenophobia to anyone daring to wear Hoops to the pub are now largely the domains of elements in the West of Scotland and the North East of Ulster.

The English and Welsh are exponentially more progressive with their social attitudes.

Ban beer at the Oktoberfest? You couldn’t make this up! Source L.A.D

Women are not to be scorned, as anyone who cares to hold on to his own will tell you.

May has just systematically pissed off 51% of the population, if they are not upset now they soon will be.

Wait until your uterus becomes a battle ground, the same one that the Irish Republic fought upon ridiculously when i was a child.

We are seriously turning the clock back and seeing the reformed breed make the same mistakes that the papacy they so love to speak of made in the time of Galileo.

Climate change doesn’t exist?

Really? Tell that to the thermometer.

The poor afflicted people of Norn Iron know how to deal with terrorists?

The Tories are now in bed with the political wing of hate mongers, don’t worry about getting angry at this, every woman, homosexual, environmentalist and progressive just became a Republican.

Our numbers are going to swell.

Our day will finally come.

Welcome to our world!

Those of you from mainstream, multicultural, progressive and educated Britain.

So what about that United Ireland then?