Ewan Murray Doubles down on state aid in wild rant over IRA chants

Image for Ewan Murray Doubles down on state aid in wild rant over IRA chants

Unionists are a special breed, they are never wrong in their own minds and always have an appetite to move the goal posts on any given conversation.

We have all been in a quiet chat with one of Them which starts off as a bit of patter and ends with them screaming Torbet, Paedo, BJK, same club Timmy, you’re obsessed.

Ewan Murray is little better, after carrying on like a Tory snob as most golfers are he claims Scottish football, itself the national sport doesn’t deserve any further funding in these most trying and unprecedented of times.

This drew the ire of Celtic fans for heaping Celtic in regardless that we turned down the state aid.

But Ewan wasn’t finished there, moving the goal posts from his state aid allegation to complain about IRA chanting and disrupting minutes silences for people of the ilk of Prince Philip, himself said he wanted to be reincarnated as a virus to kill people off.

Seriously, in a week where we are finding out we may well need to listen to God save the Queen on a BBC we are forced to pay for, singing about those who overthrew the monarchy and lit some firecrackers is hardly something that should be discouraged.

Don’t let the crown get you down, oh and don’t buy the papers.

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