Failed Ibrox trips cure found, time to apply it

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Last week we watched Celtic comprehensively dismantle St. Mirren with a 5-0 display that was not just pleasing on the scoreboard, but also on the eye of those who watched it.

As we approach Ibrox, we should certainly take the message we have learned, 2 upfront and we are irresistible, we have both the poaching abilities of Griffiths and the pure class of Edouard coming from the deep.

It is often said that 2 upfront is a pipe dream destroyed by the omnipresent 4-2-3-1 that afflicts the beautiful game, but even with the diamond being favoured by the many, we have seen how more traditional methods have succeeded.

The days when we watched the King stand off the shoulder of Sutton or Hartson are gone, so are the days of Skippy and big Jan, but in Edouard, we have a player who can come from the deep whilst still being an out and out striker.

His preference for the left is an equal bonus seeing that in Mikey and Moi we haven’t had anyone nail the position down, even though both have been on fire at times this year.

Edouard coming from the deep and Griff upfront is a nightmare the Newco dare not deal with, for all the crazy decisions like Calmac at Left Back we should do the one thing world football seems unwilling to do, play 2 out and out strikers from the start away from home and go hunting.

Conservatism has done nothing for Celtic in recent derbies, to be fair the Shame has had it over us since they famously went “equal top” last season on the 29th of December only to fall to Jordan Jones last meaningful contribution to Scottish Fitba.

Regardless of what happens on Thursday, we must attack from the outset and look to win the game with our best leading the line.

On that day we played Calmac at left back, we also played a young Mikey up front, all alone, without support, bullied and beaten by a team we gave far too much respect too.

With arguably the two best strikers in the League on our books and on fire, one with over 20 goals the other coming off a hattrick, both must be unleashed upon them.

No regrets, no second thoughts, no mercy.