Ferguson fantasy: “Hundreds of millions from Middle East” as Park holds on

Image for Ferguson fantasy: “Hundreds of millions from Middle East” as Park holds on

Barry Ferguson is back on the radio and talking up a succession plan so succulent that it would almost be too good to be true.

The idea that Britain’s most toxic support are wanted by the Arabs is ridiculous, every time we wave a Palestinian flag they wave a Israeli flag, if we talk about human rights they call it terrorism if we complain about Zionism we are antisemites.

I can hardly see a rich Arab standing by the Klan waving Israeli flags and singing Rule Britannia.

They would take the money though, that much is true.

He told Go Radio: “I know Douglas Park pretty well and I’m not just sticking up for him because I know him but he has put his money where his mouth is.

“I think if an investor came in from the Middle East, for talking sake, and was willing to invest hundreds of millions, I’m sure Douglas Park would step aside and allow that to happen if it was all good to go. There’s no doubt in my mind about that.”

This is yet more deflection, the facts are the Park will need to be removed, he will not go quietly, we have seen with Morelos bingo how often the media just shoot their mouths off hoping it may bring a tangible link.

As with the 30 clubs linked with Alfredo over the last 5 years, this Middle Eastern guff is a mere fantasy trying to attract money that isn’t there blowing smoke across the way keeping a friend in a job.

Celts had this to say.

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