Fianna Fáil’s New Slogan: Screw Our Republican Dead

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With the general election just weeks away, and with all the polls pointing to a minority, Fine Gael-led government of the centre-right, Fianna Fáil leader, Micheál Martin, is keeping all his options open. From

“In a robust interview with Cathal Mac Coille on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland today, Martin refused to rule out supporting a minority Fine Gael government.

Martin was asked repeatedly and wouldn’t say either way.

“Mac Coille: Would you be prepared to consider, in the national interest, supporting a minority Fine Gael government?

Martin: We don’t want to be in a minority situation. 

Mac Coille I’m not asking you that.

Martin: Yea, but I’m not going to concede that at this stage. Sorry, we will work in the national interest irrespective of our strength.

Mac Coille: Translate that for us. Would you consider….

Martin: I will translate that if you give me a chance. Irrespective of whether we’re the lead party, and we want to be the lead party. The national interest demands a fairer and more decent society.”

After some more back and forth, Martin was asked a direct ‘yes or no’ about whether he’d support a minority Fine Gael government.

Martin: I’m not going down that route now because I want to be leading a party that’s a majority.”