They are hurting over on Follow Follow after dropping points yesterday and of course, it is everyone’s fault except theirs, the usual bitching about the referee and the ‘mhedia’ hasn’t satisfied the absolute loony element over there however, there is a thread on a budding conspiracy emanating from Paradise.

Apparently the Glasgow Derby in October is going to be called off because Celtic will have to play it behind closed doors, this one is really growing some legs, with the SNP, Hugh Keevins and Dermott Desmond all in cahoots.

You can go and check the posts by clicking, “Something stirring at the Scum hut” the rant that starts the thread really is one for the ages, what on earth is he smoking?

Thoughts and prayers are with those who think like this, that is because their is no cure for stupid and these Peepa are horribly affected.