Football mourns South America’s Munich

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Today world football has been delivered the cruelest of blows, the wiping out of a football team from Brazil, currently in their most successful season.

No sooner had they beaten San Lorenzo de Almagro in the Sudamericana than they were off to Colombia.

Tragically, their plane crashed, all but 3 players are now dead.

Guardians report from Colombia.

 This awful tragedy is very similar to the Munich disaster that decimated Matt Busby’s Manchester United team in 1958.

To be unambiguous, i am a fan of neither team, but i am a fan of Celtic and we do not mock the dead or abused as some do.

The horror of such a loss is most overwhelming when you think of how you would feel if this were your team, my team, our beloved Celtic.

Imagine only 3 could survive.

Standing in the rain burying Gordon, wishing you had never complained about his ‘Keeping.

Or Tierney wishing you had see him mature to be an all time great,

Sviatchenko thinking of his amazing family orphaned.

Jozo, just when we are all starting to warm to him to have him snatched away.

Lustig, a servant who today has expressed his love of the club and desire to stay would wear his Hoops no more.

Broony, a professional reborn in steel only to die among its twisted wreckage.

Rogic, the twinkle toes and wicked shot silenced.

Roberts, the golden child who never got the chance to finish growing up.

Forrest, from hate to hero and then gone in an instant.

Armstrong, a man who has turned the corner as a footballer, snuffed out before his potential could be reached.

Moussa, for all the quotations, the comparisons to Drogba and the attention of planet football, he would score no more.

Can you imagine this?

I promise you i cant.

It would be a pain so real, so pressing and so omnipresent as to make it impossible to defeat.

It would be a pain eternal.

Indycelts wishes the entire footballing fraternity its condolences, especially the people of Brazil and in particular Chapecoense.

May God bless you all 🙁