Forget Colts in Scotland, Celtic should join English Premier League 2

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First things first, Celtic are a club with a business plan independent of every other club and this is not an article aimed at what we and another club can do, it is an opinion piece on what we could do.

The English Premier League has a reserve league known as Premier League 2, this competition is split into 2 divisions of 12 teams, of course that means there are currently 4 teams from lower leagues than the Premier League within the model.

So, why not Celtic as well?

There has been chat since before I was born of Celtic entering into the then English first division, the conversation has continued on an almost yearly basis with relation to us entering the current English Premier League.

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Clubs however fear this and whenever we have asked to get in we have been rebuffed by teams who know full well Celtic would take a few years to get established, then never be out of the European places.

If we were to enter into Premier League 2 then we would naturally have to start in the second division which would be fine, we can’t exalt our triumphalism and expect the world to parachute us into a division, that would be deluded.

But should we gain acceptance then it would be a major coup for our club, we would have the ability to run our eyes over young English talent, line up loan deals and transfers and blood our up and coming Hoops against the best on the island.

Watching young Coffey and Oko Flex was a rare treat on Celtic TV, they both looked fine additions to our club and both were picked up from this League, the links it would build with them would be amazing.

Plenty of readers would also have watched the 2 cup finals of late, imagine Celtic playing against Premier League and Championship opposition at reserve level on Celtic TV?

It would draw in more subscribers and make current subscribers all the more happy with the service.

There is chat about us entering a team into League 2 at Colts level, I seriously think it will not do the clubs down there a service to have us win Leagues we can’t be promoted from, better to enter into a larger League and test ourselves against the best available.

The Scottish FA would need to allow the free movement of players from our reserves in England to our first team in Scotland when called upon, but this is a few signatures on a common sense agreement.

As for the eternal question about Celtic moving south, this would be a chance to test the waters for both parties, there are a lot worse ideas than matching strong teams against each other and seeing if something works before implementing it on a grand scale.

It is win win.