Former Celt admits Moussa’s value will soar

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Former Celtic scout David Moss has stated that Moussa Dembele is destined to move to a major club for huge money.

Now, this is nothing new however, it is the timetable and the aspirations within his interview with the Daily Mail which are most intuitive.

The facts are that far from Moussa becoming less valuable the more time his contract continues, his value is actually increasing.

Should he make the French senior team his value will rise again.

Keeping Moussa for this season is a no-brainer, he will likely secure us riches in the Europa League and up to 3 domestic trophies as he did last season.

However, should he make the French team for Russia 2018, the auction must begin afterwards, there is no point selling him for £30 million only for him to star at the cup and be valued at double that a month later.

Moss said:

‘If I was in charge of a Premier League club I would have moved for Moussa at the end of last season.

‘Anybody who knows Moussa knows he has a big-game mentality. He is a natural goalscorer.

‘With all this money awash in the Premier League I am at a loss as to why clubs didn’t take him.

‘But they haven’t because they don’t like Scottish football or ‘he can’t do this or he can’t do that.’

‘If you really know your football you know he should have been signed.

‘Back in the summer Moussa had a hamstring injury – clubs could possibly have got him for £20m or £25m.

‘Now he’s back fit and scored a 12-minute hat-trick for France under-21s in midweek.

‘If you get Moussa Dembele for £30m now you have won a watch.’

Moussa is not going to go to any old club from Celtic – it has to be right for him. He is not going to go to a Huddersfield or a Bournemouth.

‘In January, it depends what Brendan (Rodgers) wants to do. He will want to win the Europa League and he’s not going to let Moussa go unless it’s too good to turn down and he has somebody else lined up to replace him.

‘Otherwise, it’s more likely to wait till the summer. It can work out for everybody that way. More money for Celtic, more European experience and the potential for Moussa to make it into the senior France squad at some point.’

Moussa is one of football’s rising stars whose true potential will be realised in front before the planet over the next decade, he can’t be allowed to leave for anything less than a king’s ransom.

The best opportunity of getting that is after the summer, not during the winter.

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