Former Ibrox gaffer says free transfers and old men can topple Celtic’s 10 in a row bid

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The man who couldn’t beat Motherwell is back in the news, this time giving Slippy some pointers on recruitment.

The man who steered Sevco to third in the Championship with a record of 7 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses from 17 games at the Newco thinks that The Rangers need to recruit players who don’t wilt.

Unfortunately for Them, the club is captained by a serial failure and managed by a man who is renowned for not winning League titles, but this didn’t stop McCall from speaking up their chances.

“Last season was huge for him, but this one is going to be MASSIVE.

“That’s why the players he brings to the club this summer need to be capable of handling everything which will come their way. I’m not talking about spending millions, either.

“The Covid-19 crisis means there won’t be as much money circulating in the game as there used to be. In any case, spending £5m on a player doesn’t guarantee that he’s going to be the answer.

“In fact, free transfers could be the way to go as long as your scouting and background checks are done properly because there will be a lot of free agents looking for a club this summer.

The Newco have signed a roster including Davis, Defoe and McGregor who are all in their mid to late thirties, but it seems the dads army policy is one that is set to continue.

“It also doesn’t matter how old you are. Neil Warnock signed me for Sheffield United when I was 38 and I played every week as we reached the FA Cup semi- final, the League Cup semi-final and the Premiership play-off final.

Such advice is what has the Newco in its current predicament, a club whose players cost a lot but offer nothing in resale, are stop-gap solutions with no longevity and are also found out time and again by younger opposition.

Let’s hope Slippy agrees with McCall, signs another batch of players from the lower leagues on Bosmans and bring in another batch of Clint Hill’s to Ibrox.

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