“Frequent source of public disorder, OL bus degraded” French quarantine Sevco as their ned support pays the price

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Well karma has come around on the Newco in awful style, those who publicly defile everywhere they go have finally been called out for their thugish behaviour.

The French have a festival on at the same time and instead of having bottles and barricades being thrown at police and pedestrians alike have decided to quarantine an entire club from the city.

RMC Sport has reported.

Supporters “frequently a source of public disorder” To justify this decision to ban Scottish supporters from coming to watch the match in Lyon, the text is based on the recent events which surrounded the trips of the Rangers to the European Cup, “frequently a source of public disorder in the made of violent behavior of certain supporters or individuals availing themselves of the quality of supporter of this team “.

The decree is based on the fact that, despite the ban on the movement of Rangers supporters for the matches in Brondby and Prague during the last days, “they have repeatedly bypassed [these] prohibitions or [these] framing of shift”. The holding of the Festival of Lights, which is to take place from December 8 to 11 in Lyon, and which will mobilize many law enforcement agencies, also explains the publication of this ministerial decree.

The unrest surrounding the first leg also cited This decision of the Ministry of the Interior should relieve OL and its leaders, who are awaiting the decision, which must be rendered this Wednesday, December 8, of the Professional Football League (LFP) concerning the sanctions imposed on the Rhone club after the incident that occurred on November 21 against Olympique de Marseille.

New overflows around or in the enclosure of Groupama Stadium would have relaunched the debates concerning security in the OL stadium. The first leg between OL and Rangers, which took place on September 16 in Glasgow, is also cited in the text. That day, “an attempted brawl between supporters at risk was interrupted by the police and the official OL club bus was degraded”, it is written in the ministerial decree.

All these reasons have therefore prompted the authorities to ban the travel of Scottish supporters to Lyon for this match of the 6th and last day of the Europa League. Glasgow Rangers issued a statement on Monday afternoon denouncing this “staggering” decision when the French authorities have confirmed, according to the Scottish club, the displacement of 2,200 of its supporters at the end of last week.

If only the Scottish authorities were so strong on them the clean up bill would be far less.

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