Fud Fergusson’s Morelos rant is moon howling at its best

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The saying ‘I read it n the Daily Record’ is back again as Barry Fergusson has taken crayons to Word press and come out with a lunatic article which endorses violence and grabbing people’s testicles.

The entire thing starts off as an oxymoron by stating that Morelos getting off was ‘common sense’ for escaping punishment for a ‘string of offences’, since when did a string of offences and common sense go together, let alone no sanction?

Maybe I’m a dinosaur but I want a bit of blood and thunder in these games. Isn’t that what the fixture is supposed to be all about?

What everyone must understand is when you’re out there in the heat of the battle it’s hard to keep a lid on your emotions. The action is thundering on at 100 mph and you want to leave a marker.

So yes Barry you are a bit of a dinosaur, blood and thunder is how the game was played before clubs turned 100 million pounds a season, we can’t attract top names to Scotland if petulance is a key ingredient in the show piece game.

So, yes, you do leave the odd boot in or plant an elbow into someone’s ribs if the chance arises.

I’m not saying players should be out there running amok launching themselves into career-ending tackles deliberately. That sort of stuff has to be clamped down on.

So elbowing people in the ribs is fine, tell that to Jozo who got a red card for throwing an elbow, Morelos got away with a similar challenge and the Tory running the line said nothing.

Career ending tackles? You mean like Kenny Miller’s two footed launch at Armstrong? Nothing happened there either.

But the best was yet to come.

But really? A meaty challenge with Scott Brown in the first 50-50 of the match? A wee flick at Ryan Christie’s crown jewels? A coming together with Anthony Ralston as the two chased after a ball down the touchline?

So kicking some one in the bollocks from behind is a meaty challenge? Grabbing someones balls is a wee flick and treading on someone’s back is a coming together?

Next game Sevco play I hope that these precedents are used against Morelos, himself a cry baby who falls on the floor like a man shot by a sniper whenever there is a chance to milk a free kick or get someone booked.

Then we will hear Fud and friends come out demanding protection, you seriously couldn’t make this up.