Gazza and the UDA

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The Daily Record has today revealed that Paul Gascoigne was posing with UDA and UFF terror boss Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair. A man who received 16 years jail for reportedly killing 40 Catholics during the troubles, was posing for pictures with wife beating alcoholic Gazza .

The same event featured sectarian singing including sycophantic Ibrox fans singing Fuck the Pope and the IRA along with the obligatory Billy Boys.Β Now this is nothing out of the order for Scotland’s Shame. It has been done before and will be done again. But the idea that we are to tolerate this because Gazza and his flute playing antics are somehow seen as adorable by a certain demographic is as decrepit as the actions of the UDA hardman who gleefully posed with Gascoigne.

Gazza endeared himself to millions for crying on the pitch when he received a yellow card that meant he would not play in the World Cup final. Of course England lost the semi final and none of them played in the final. Michael Ballack suffered the same fate in the 2002 World Cup semi final, he scored the goal that put Germany through instead.

Gazza then played a flute mimicking the Orange Order marches that are a yearly disgrace to the name of Britain, if such a thing is a possibility. The yearly hatefest is a time to explain to Irish people that they lost a war, were raped pink, dispossessed of their land, had their daughters transported to Australia to be married off to Protestant emancipated convicts, starved in an artificial famine and left to be generationally unemployed throughout the years since partition.

That these things are able to be celebrated shows the depth of depravity of the Loyalist Kulture. Imagine it were the other way around? Catholics singing about blowing up Brighton or killing renowned Kincora resident Mountbatten. Imagine we were singing about being up to our knees in their blood? Imagine we were singing Fuck the Queen?

The facts are we don’t do these things. What is offensive to the British state and the SNP for that matter is that we sing about not being oppressed anymore. We sing of the battles we won, we sing of the land we are from and we sing about the martyrs who we have buried.

But there is a subtext to this stupidity: What’s wrong with singing about the IRA? The facts are the ‘RA haven’t killed anyone since 1997. The Continuity atrocity at Omagh itself was the last belligerent action from Republican cadre and that was in 1998. Now if you were born on August 16 1998 you will be turning 18 and having a jar with family down your local, the day after the 18th anniversary of the Omagh Bombing.


Oh how the mighty have fallen.

In 18 years there hasn’t been a killing, a bombing, a kidnapping or even a threat. In the same time the Loyalist ‘Paramilitaries’ have torn themselves to pieces on the streets of Belfast, thrown bricks at weans telling them to use a back door to a school in Ardoyne and embarrassed themselves with muppets like Bryson and Willie Frazer. Why on earth can they glorify hate and we can’t celebrate freedom?

Why is a historical army in the IRA, no different to the Revolutionary armies of Russia, China, France or the USA which rose up and overthrew the legal nation states that preceded them not allowed to be glorified? Why can’t we sing up the rebels who established the Free State and in the North defended the Catholic population from annihilation in 1969.

I for one understand that every indiscretion of a certain demographic is seen as their history and Kulture. It is an attack on their traditions to ask them not to be bigots. But why aren’t we allowed to sing about our heroes? Why is the representation of a tricolour offensive but the Union Flag resplendent with England’s St. George Cross on it seen as appropriate? Why is Rule Britannia allowed but Black and Tans is banned? One song is about taking from others, the other is about sending those thieves packing.

Enough is enough, God Bless the IRA from whom freedom came, Long live Pope Francis and please Holy Father take a polygraph to the paedophiles, round them up and hand them over to prosecutors. To make sure that no one is uncertain of what Indycelts stands for, we are 100% Republican, 100% Celtic.

Tiocfaidh Γ‘r lΓ‘!