Gerrard enters sudden death where any slip can cost him his job

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The Real Rangers Men have spent the last week scorning the referees and claiming conspiracy whilst their club has set the lamb corp alight with succulent tales of Alfredo being racially vilified in a familiar tales of no one likes us.

What has been missing has been the targeting of the manager, Sally, Warbo, Pedro and even Murty were singled out for personal attacks well before the results got this bad.

The media turned on them too, both the media and the fans are happy to deflect at the moment hoping against hope that things will pick up and the narrative can return to WATP, going for 55 etc, the facts are that Sevco are now falling into a fight for 2nd with the Scottish Cup their best chance of a trophy.

If Kilmarnock manage to beat the Newco tomorrow at Ibrox then expect the smoke and mirrors to subside and for the Scouse Le Guen to be attacked from pillar to post.

The same will fall upon many of his signings who have shown his complete lack of experience and Allen’s lack of an eye for identifying talent, had it not been for Pedro’s signing in Alfredo Morelos Sevco would be mid table and counting their blessings that Dundee, Hamilton and St. Mirren are having terrible seasons.

They simply are not scoring goals across their midfield and when the burden has fallen to Lafferty or recently to Defoe up front they have been found out as too old and too slow.

Sevco will likely end the season without a trophy, deep down their fans know this, but to have it confirmed in February is unacceptable for the world record holders, their fans are already in meltdown, that the 7 year olds can descend further is a wonder in itself but one we are just a day away from possibly seeing.

Gerrard needs to finish the season strong, to come a credible second and to have a day at Hampden at least in the semi finals to keep his job, if he falls short and hell forbid if Celtic do the Treble Treble, we have to deal with another ‘Revolution’ next year as someone else comes to sip from the poison managerial chalice that is Rangers.