Gerrard revolution heads for the shrubbery

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Tonight it begins, to be fair I am expecting the Shame to chalk up a win, hopefully, it isn’t by a large margin and Shkupi can run them down in the away leg and halt their Progres.

Whilst Sevco’s wee revolution can’t succeed today it can fail, success, after all, will be measured by consistency, failure will be measured by disaster¬†and in Cup Football that disaster always has a name.

Last year the bookies paid out on Pedro’s Galacticos before the League season started, a line was drawn through the Govan team and they never recovered, the hilarious images of Zombies attacking their team bus and Pedro fighting them back from the hedge will linger long in many minds.

As will the tirade of anti-Catholic abuse that was leveled at Pedro and his players by a certain demographic, is Groundhog Day approaching?

Should this seasons selection stumble early and the rumours that Stevie G aint real bright come to be true and strap yourself in for a Scouse Caravan and Dogs story.

All the pressure is on Sevco, they have spent more than they have again searching for European riches to prop up the entity, failure is not an option.

Tonight we will find out what this year’s rabble are like, if like last year, they are pish, we have 10 glorious months to enjoy it.