Gerrard’s Champions League dream to calls for sacking in 48 hours

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A few days ago we were hearing about how the 2nd place Scottish team would be able to attempt to qualify for the Champions League in 2021/2022, today we saw that 2nd place team cement itself as the runner up and all but hand Celtic an unprecedented 2nd 9 in a row.

The League is now ours to lose, even though the Peepul has a game in hand they must again to play St. Johnstone, a team who showed them up as a one-dimensional tinpot Football team.

It is very doubtful that Slippy will be holding the reins when they get to joust with Motherwell, Aberdeen, Hibs and the rest for that 2nd place spot in a few years.

Should Celtic go on to win the League this year and Rangers don’t win the Scottish Cup, the howls already there for all to see on Twitter will likely drive him out of his chance to lose the 10, let alone qualify for Europe the following season.

The pressure is now building and this week will make or break his managerial career, if he is dumped out of Europe, a 1-0 loss will suffice and loses to Hearts away as he did last time he won’t just be sacked by Rangers, his next managerial appointment won’t be at Liverpool, it will more likely be at Luton.

The man with no plan B is facing the week of his managerial life, in a city where 2nd means last, results like this are leaving him nowhere to hide.