Gerrard’s demands a gamble that can kill

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£20 million a year for 3 years, £60 million more on top of the £17 million they owe, let that sink in, Sevco is going to mortgage the lot and play Russian roulette trying to catch Celtic.

This is classic Ibrox behaviour, spend your way out of trouble, we have seen it before and it lead to the death of a football club.

Steven Gerrard may be a rookie coach but his name will draw the players he needs to Govan, how they will pay for them is another thing altogether, they can’t do it via a share issue as they have no Nomad, they can’t do it via King as he is penniless, the bears won’t cough up either.

So where will the money come from?

Likely they will spend the season ticket money for the first tranche and then go back to subsisting off soft loans gambling that they will make the Europa League group stages and have a payday coming.

If they fail to get into Europe, they will be skint and no one will buy their European merchandise which they will need to sell to make ends meet.

This is a massive gamble, one that could end the 10 or end a 6-year old entity.

We will know in September if they will be around for Christmas.