Get back under your rock Sevco

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If you watched the Sevco vs Sheep game then you have witnessed something beautiful, the death of the aura the Oldco once held over all Scottish teams.

This is auspicious, that aura petrified me as a young Tim.

When i grew up during the 9 i was scared stupid of derby week, we always lost.

It was worse still at Ibrox, the idea of winning there was like expecting a win at the Nou Camp.

We have of course since found out that they were doping the entire competition.

That they stole trophies without remorse, those they still contend that were won fairly.

But The Rangers have been given far too much respect at Mordor.

Celtic have been arriving expecting 3 points, everyone other club has been hoping to get 1.

Sevco have been throwing themselves all over the floor, desperately tying to win penalties and free kicks for the last 30 minutes of the match.

As it was the 10 man Dons held on for a win.

Next year there will be another load of guff about a team without a national trophy going for their 55th.

Far from going forwards, i believe that the rest of Scotland will lose the fear that we all once held, the fear that should have died in 2012.

Oldco and Newco Rangers had remained unbeaten vs Aberdeen forΒ 39 League games at Ibrox.

If Sevco last 39 more League encounters vs Aberdeen at Ibrox, they will be lucky to have half of them.

The Oldco’s ghost died for another team tonight, they found out what we all knew.

That the tribute act is as close to the Oldco as me or you are to the moon.

Things are continuing to get worse for Them.

Next year, it wont improve either.