Give Whyte his stadium back

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News that Craig Whyte is in line for a major pay out from the Oldco’s coffers is sure to upset the Peepul, but the mooted figure of £5 million is a mere £500,000 short that the bundle of assets was purchased for.

Why not give him his bundle back?

It is becoming obvious that his character assassination was the fraud, not himself.

He has borne the brunt of the trial by media agenda of those who had to hobble to the stand.

Since charges were dropped against Yorkshires finest comedian Charles Green, we will never fully know the legalities of the switcheroo unless it goes back to court.

Green said The Rangers were worth £80 million not long after they celebrated their 140th birthday in their first season.

As Craig Whyte has been found not guilty, the bans on him running a football club should be null and void.

These bans should be administered upon Sir Minty, he should be asked to cough up £48 million for HMRC while he is at it.

Craig Whyte had his club stolen from him, he had his name dragged through the mud and his own Newco plans hijacked.

The assets of Murray Park and Ibrox were his and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants with them.

They were worth £80 million once upon a time after all.