Glasgow’s Espanyol forgets what it’s like playing Glasgow’s Barca

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Sevco fans are in one of those deluded moods which only a Tim can understand, they are on the brink of a cold-shoulder, have bled their bears to breaking point, surviving of Wonga but have drawn a team they have never beaten so everything’s rosy.

The media is thanking the hot ball for giving us all a diversion to the facts over the month of March as a blockbuster tie has presented itself at Hampden.

Whilst it is a massive game, many of us expected as much, the need to secure another 0ld F1rm game was always on the cards after the SFA gambled on there being one in the final in the League Cup, if you believe the entire draw is a farce as I obviously do.

But I digress, this is a magical draw for Celtic, we get to play the team most likely to challenge us for honours at the Semi-Final stage and can take the opportunity of a Cup Final away from the 6-year-old club.

No gala day at the end of the season, nothing to look forward to, nothing to smooth over the misery that surrounds the dump.

I honestly believe Celtic are set to put the “title race” to bed on the weekend, putting the Newco and their demented math back under their rock, but they are desperate for a trophy this term, we are 2 wins from guaranteeing that wont happen.

The first starts at Scotland’s most dilapidated stadium, the second at the second most decrepit structure in the pyramid.

Be careful what you wish for Sevco, this is your deluded moment in the sun, it is just another fixture for us.