Hell mend the mole at Celtic Park, he or she needs found and punished, giving the Newco or any other teram for that matter a head start on their preparations is unacceptable, Goldson spoke about the effect it had on The Rangers on the weekend on talkSPORT.

“We never. Even in our pre-match meeting, we thought Edouard would play and we thought Jullien would play. A few of us seen the team but we didn’t really believe it.

“We know that in an Old Firm you can never trust anything that comes out.

“One day someone is injured and the next they’re playing. Listen, every player wants to play in an Old Firm.

“Whether they are injured or not they’ll try and get through it, so we went into the game thinking Jullien and Edouard would play.

“Truthfully, I got on a coach and I had a message from one of my best mates down south who plays for Doncaster and he said Welsh was playing and Edouard isn’t playing. I said ‘Yeah good one, we’ll see when we get there’.

“Obviously when we got there, the team was true but I don’t know how he knew playing down south but he was the only person who text me.”

“Listen, Old Firms are the hardest games but at the same time they are easier because you don’t need to get everyone up for them.

“You know where everyone’s mindset but it’s right to say it’s the other games. This season against the other teams we’ve been a lot better. We’ve shown our consistency, we’ve gone to these places and we’ve been winning.

“We need to carry that on. I can see there has been a mental change within our changing room that winning an Old Firm game isn’t enough.

“Hopefully we can back it up and by the end of the season we can celebrate.

“I think it’s changed. I’ve been here a few years now and when I first came Rangers hadn’t beat Celtic for a few years and never got the results we’re getting now. Now there’s players here who have done it, who have won a few games and it’s not about beating Celtic it’s about going and winning silverware.

“Because a few of us have been here a few years now it’s not a new team anymore, we know what’s expected and I think we now know what the league is about and it’s starting to show.”

Hopefully the mole is found soon, fans are far from happy with Lennon on line, he will not be given much more leeway should the nature of our defeat mirror Saturday’s performance.