Gordon saves his worst game for last, Griffiths saves his best

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I will be brief, heroic Scotland went down to an over hyped and largely unimpressive England today, that said it could have been much worse for both teams.

Gordon was to blame for both goals that he conceded, the first he seemed to be swatting at a fly, the second he decided his near post wasn’t worth defending.

Armstrong had the opportunity to play his way into an English Premier League contract, instead he failed to impress.

But lets not criticise our Celtic men.

Leigh Griffiths was a ned, a yob, an outcast when he arrived at celtic, his behaviour immediately after arriving wasn’t much better, the Rudi Skacel song being point in fact.

But his efforts today show him for what he is, a truly amazing player with the heart of a lion.

Both goals would make the highlight reel of any southern footballer, his stikes were world class.

When you think how much money Joe Hart will move for being a completely inept keeper it makes you think what our squad is worth.

Tierney made more saves in front of goal with his head than Hart made with his hands.

It is a shame Scotland didn’t take all 3 points, almost cruel.

But before the hordes blame Gordon Strachan remember this, Griffiths showed his class and showed us all why we must reward this Celt with as much game time as possible, any other team in Scotland would kill to have him.


2 great goals by Griffiths, 2 bad mistakes from Gordon.