Griffiths is the best striker at Celtic, he must be 1st choice

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I have always liked Griffiths, even when he was going to Hibernian games and singing about the residency status of a certain Hearts player I always thought him worth his salt.

He plays with his heart on his sleeve, never shirks a challenge, always tries to score and generally lifts the team with his presence, attitude and commitment.

Yesterday he came off the bench and the game changed, if we are honestly toying with the idea of splashing a club record 7 million quid on Edouard whilst Griff is at the club we are crazy.

If Edouard is worth Β£7 million then give me a quote on Leigh, he is twice the player easily.

With Moussa apparently keen on a move away it is upsetting, it is a shame he doesn’t share the love of the club as Griffiths, Broony and Tierney visibly do.

Unfortunately, Moussa may well leave well before his time, but Griffiths looks to be home, at 27 years old he looks to be a player we could give a testimonial, there is no reason to think he wouldn’t play on for Celtic until his early 30s.

With this in mind we should be looking to play Griffiths in every game he is fit, he loves game time no matter what he said in a very professional interview with BT.

Griffiths is creeping up on the magic 100 goal mark, if he gets the game time he will add that statistic to his CV, but 100 is just the beginning.

As earlier alluded to, Griffiths doesn’t want away, he wants to stay.

He should be rewarded with two things, the starting berth when healthy and a long-term contract on good money.

Why search for a reliable goal scorer desperate to play for the club when we have one on our books?

Moussa has the opportunity to be one of the greats at Celtic but has had his head turned, Griffiths also has the same opportunity and as his performances explain, he is focussed on the prize.

Regardless of who is on the books come February, Griffiths is the yardstick and must start when fit.

He deserves nothing less.