Hitler’s Penis & The Sevco Version Of History

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Today there’s a story online that said Hitler had a micro-penis.

I can’t imagine how this information has come to light and I can’t imagine anyone who would care enough to find out.

You know why? Cause it neither explains anything nor makes the slightest bit of difference to the .

We know what Hitler was.

World War II wasn’t started because of the size of his manhood; if war really is the ultimate dick-swinging contest I can barely imagine a dafter way to start one than a guy pulling his out and saying “Look how small it is!”

Flippancy aside, I’m being serious here.

Whatever we uncover about this guy, I can’t conceive of any revelation about him or his life that would alter my opinion of him one iota.

is full of people who think fluff and ephemera can change the verdict of history.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve heard talk about how he’s opposed to proposed changes by the European Club Association, in an effort to make it look as if he cares about what happens to our game. We’ve also seen him pat himself on the back over the deal to show SPL games in China.

None of it matters.