The Green Brigade has and always will be ANTIFA, that apparently upsets some Peepul who tell us how lucky we are to speak English and not German due to the Soviet Union and the USA defeating the fascists.

One Bear couldn’t take the pain stating that should the Newco take a knee in support of Black Lives Matter then as they would be showing support for the same cause as the Green Brigade that this would be humiliation!

He wasn’t finished there however arguing with Celtic fans the length of the thread, the everyone anyone quip and forgetting their partial stadium closures in Europe however wasn’t lost on him.

Now tagging the SLO and Tavs has yet to bear fruit but he was on hand further down the thread to rage some more.

Once again they have proven to be a special breed, let’s hope they take Jermain Defoe’s advice and take a knee, anything less would put their everyone anyone slogan even further to shame.