Hypocrisy off the radar

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The Green Brigade knew full well this would happen, yet they persevered and brought the old song sheet along for the craic.

Far from complaining about the GB, i think that what they have done is to highlight the fact that as soon as those 3 magical acronyms are sung in a song it is an act of hate.

When a team builds a bonfire, draws a monkey on it and talks about Scott Sinclair’s favourite fruit, it is culture.

When a team sings the Billy boys which is just as proscribed as what the GB sang, it is routinely overlooked, astonishingly so as it comes through on the TV clear as a bell.

Never is there a phone in hotline on the Daily Record full of opinionated hypocrites calling for Sevco to be sanctioned with empty stadiums so they can’t hurl batteries and coins at players.

Never is there a sense of Shame for the Newco or its underlings in Ulster.

When Buckfast came onto the field via a furious blues brother it was Leigh Griffiths fault for inciting them.

When Griffiths ties a scarf in Scotland, even at Snake Mountain, nothing has ever happened before.

In Ulster, immediately after hatefest,  it is seen as a pseudo political statement aimed at the Peepul who can’t banter, let alone take being beaten.

Leigh Griffiths ban is a sham, he has no case to answer and UEFA is showing itself as more spineless than ever.

The Green Brigade brought in a banner of a fictitious skull wearing a beret and fatigues and a road sign with a banner merely exclaiming that Brendan has an undefeated army.

I understand the similarities but mimicking is not illegal and nor should it be.

The Green Brigade have brought up an uncomfortable truth, after a month of burning our flag, calling us Taigs, calling for us to be killed, hanging effigies of Celtic fans from bonfires and racially abusing Scott Sinclair… we have had enough.

After the way Celtic and our fans and players were treated, it is little wonder this tie exploded.

These Bhoys didn’t disgrace Celtic or Scotland, we burnt nothing, hurled nothing and at no time called for wading through others blood.

But that’s cultural I suppose…

God Bless the Green Brigade!