Ibrox Noise Kent vs Jota creativity article is one to savour with a dram

Image for Ibrox Noise Kent vs Jota creativity article is one to savour with a dram

Seriously try not to laugh whilst you read the article below.

Props to Alan Morrison for bringing this to attention, the full article is copy pasted below, the link is at the bottom.

Give him a follow on Twitter if you have an account, brilliant content.

I have highlighted in bold some of the more bizarre elements of this article.

Ryan Kent is the number one most creative player in Scotland, and that’s official, after Betvictor teamed up with Ibrox Noise to compile stats of the most creative players in the Scottish Premiership, with Rangers’ often-maligned winger coming out on top.

While he wasn’t top of every stat, the one that matters most, chances created, saw Kent stand out on top of the league above anything Celtic have to offer as well as Rangers’ finest as well.

At 2.36, Kent was the pinnacle, with the closest rival being Celtic’s Jota at 2.28, and while an abstract ‘creator rating’ put the Celtic man on top, in terms of pure raw hard numbers, Rangers’ star winger was clearly in his own class.

For creator rating Kent was third, behind Jota and Abada, but that is an amalgamation score rather than a hard and rated measurement, the chances created is by far the most important for a playmaker and Kent is alone and unchallenged in that area.

We’ve covered a lot of ground with Kent recently, a lot of fans not too thrilled with him and one tried to claim recently that Sakala is all-round better with better numbers – not the case in the cold light of day.

His chances created were 1.99, a distance off Kent, and Alfredo Morelos didn’t fare a lot better with 2.03, but it’s the former Liverpool man whose numbers show the true picture of just how hard a worker he is, how much he creates and how much he does.

He’s just an easy target now for supporters, without any real proof behind that opinion to back up why he’s become such a scapegoat.

Once an opinion and mind is formed, it’s hard to shake it, and Kent suffers a lot of minds being made up that he’s no good, regardless of what he does on the pitch.

That said, many do also say he’s been much-improved since Michael Beale took over, and Ibrox Noise explained he’s the same as before but has been given a new position, so gets more centrally involved and is in the eyeline more.

But nevertheless those detractors remain, and end of the day, Kent’s numbers don’t matter to them.

Well there you have it, in some abstract world 3 goals a season, wins maybe 10 penalties a season throwing himself on the deck, asking for £50k a year and is running his contract down to get a Goldson casher is better than Jota.

Please Ryan Clarke Kent, sign on for Sevco long term, never leave mate, we would be bored without you!

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