Ibrox rips down the Saltire in brutal fashion

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The other Glasgow Derby between our eternal city rivals Partick and the Newco eneded predictabaly enough in a win for the 5-year-olds, but before they picked up their 3 points overzealous security ripped down the national flag.

The sign of both a Scottish Saltire and a Catalan flag was too much to bare for the bears as footage has shown on twitter.

This on the most auspicious of days…. the week before remembrance day.


The row begins with real Scots daring to show the real Scots the real Scottish flag.


In a day a week before we remember the culling of the working class in a conflict between an inbred family, those factually branded as Huns showed why the name maintains.

No sooner had the troublesome Jags worked up the temerity to show the national flag (without the English part) that the quintessential lost their minds.

It seems to talk about freedom a week before we celebrate those who fought for it is a little much for those who pop down the square and Sieg heil a referendum victory after saying their troops died for the flag they stand behind.

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