Ibrox site compiles Gerrard’s list of transfer woes 26 players gone for tuppence

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Wow i never actually considered how many players Newco manager Steven Gerrard has used in just 2 years to try and halt Celtic’s charge to 10 in a row.

Rangers Til I Die and No Surrender (I know I know what a name) has compiled a list on Facebook showing all the players who have left the basket of assets since he took over, it is long enough to actually build a few teams out of.

With deadwood everywhere still at the Ibrox club, the list is only going to grow as the rookie managers man management skills are brought further into question.

That is 26 players with combined fees received for just 4 of them for a mere £3,310,000 and 4 undisclosed payments which would be lucky to amount to a couple of hundred thousand between them.

So 18 players have walked out the door without bringing a penny in for the Ibrox club, checking the money that did come in, £360k for Grezda was a huge loss on the £2.2 million they spent on him and far below the £20 million the record said he would be worth.

Candeis also came in for a 1.4 million euro (£1.2 million) and left for a £250,000.

Declan John left for £800k but his arrival is undisclosed but would have cost Rangers something for making his loan move permanent.

Omelette remains the clubs biggest transfer at £1.9 million coming from Accrington Stanley for a mere £60k.

So a £1.8 million loss on Grezda, £950,000 loss on Candeis is £2.7 million combined.

Luckily i hear Alfredo, Barisic and Kamara are going to be worth anywhere between £20 and 40 million each so that should balance the books.