If Gazza sneaks into the Hall of fame Moussa will walk in easily

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It seems that 74 appearances and 30 goals is how far the bar has fallen for an attacking player to be classed as Hall of Fame material.

I saw during the week on Twitter how Scott Sinclair has more goals from less appearances with an extra trophy to his name than the flute playing wife basher from down there.

But statistically, if 2 and a bit years equals enough service to the game in Scotland to be considered one of the greats then Moussa may well be on his way back over to accept a gong.

In Moussa’s first year he scored 32 goals, 2 more than Gazza scored in his entire stint at the team that failed to win 10 in a row.

Moussa won every trophy he played for at Celtic including scoring some vital goals against a similarly named team to the one Gazza played for.

He in fact scored a hattrick in his Glasgow Derby debut, the predecessor to this game was called the Oldfirm before half of it died paying exorbitant wages to players who took more than they gave.

Moussa was Celtic and indeed Scottish Football’s record transfer at 22 million euro.

Moussa won the double treble which only his former teammates can boast in the entire history of Scottish Football.

Even back when Airdrie, Gretna, Third Lanark and Rangers existed this proved impossible and Celtic are on course for an equally unprecedented Treble Treble with it going on the line this weekend vs Hearts away in an equally unprecedented fixture at Murrayfield.

Moussa also was part of the Invincibles who in fairness we won’t truly give their dues until they are retired, it is something so unprecedented and rare across the world that it is almost unexplainable.

Of course that continued with Celtic setting a British record 69 game unbeaten run, another thing Gazza never did.

When you look at the facts, Moussa broke all the records and the hearts of the best squad in the country, He actually played for Celtic during the tenure of Warbo, Murty, Pedro, Murty and left on the cusp of Slippy.

Their sacking can be directly attributed to Moussa, his hattrick imploded Warbo’s dressingroom with the coffee machine running out the door.

Murty got away with a Clint Hill challenge which kept him on ice.

Pedro was skelped repetitively with Dembele key, Murty came back and suffered the Panenka penalty before howling Hampden as Moussa took the piss out of them in full sight of the slovenly masses screaming their bile.

He was a class above in every way.

Now I am by no means a fan right now, I will have to cool off a bit after he forced an exit.

But if Gazza is getting into the hall of fame on the back of 70 something games and 30 goals well i know someone else who had a cameo in Scotland and scored more, won everything he played for and dominated the club across the city.

His name is Moussa Dembele and he was a Hunskelper in every sense of the word.