If Hampden closes, all games MUST go to Paradise

The problem with one-dimensional thinking is that your perspective is limited, for example closing the national stadium so gala games can be played at your ground earning you more money.

Linfield has built their domestic dominance over the North of Ireland by having a percentage of gates from Ulsters major games including ‘National’ games.

It seems the Peepul want the same, but if Hampden closes and the games are split between Ibrox and Celtic Park then something unpalatable will first have to happen.

There will be a full assessment of each stadium, facilities, access for away fans, merchandising, corporate boxes and of course the stadium’s structural integrity.

Should, for example, the roof be deemed to be unsafe then by skimping on the bill to redevelop Hampden the SFA will inadvertently force Sevco to redevelop the Govan stadium.

Now maybe Timmy has just been making stories up about their 5-star stadium, or maybe we are 100% accurate and the dump is collapsing.

It is on record from Craig Whyte’s trial that there was an outstanding repairs bill when he took over in 2011.

We also know that Sevco hasn’t put more than a banner over their dirty windows and some steel reinforcements on the outside of the crumbling brick facade.

If there is to be a move, then all Scottish supporters will want to know the exact state of any stadium deemed a viable option.

At this stage that would be Celtic Park, Murrayfield and if the SFA is happy to play in a cracked and broken asbestos filled stadium with a falling roof, Ibrox too.

Don’t worry about FOI requests or obfuscating the Safety Advisory Groups findings, there will need to be a full inquiry of the prospective stadiums with all fans being able to raise concerns.

With Celtic, Scottish Rugby and maybe others in line for extra money, the games shareholders will want to know how that is being spent on their game day experience, whilst putting money into their rivals pockets.

Now with Rugby, there is little leverage, over the Footballing candidates, there will be plenty, no one wants to go to a stadium and have an inferior game day experience.

Possibly being moved during the match because the ceiling is falling would constitute an issue some fans may raise.

The percentage of money that will go for the rent of the stadium would be 10-20% you would think, that is a few hundred thousand pounds per match.

If the Newco had a Semi Final, a Cup Final and 2 internationals a year they would be lucky to make a million.

On the other hand, most estimates of replacing the roof on three stands are estimated at over 10 million.

That is to say, about 10-12 years of fixtures to pay off the cheapest of quotes.

Of course, they would need to put the funding in first, it would likely take a season to complete the repairs and then they would be able to take games where the highest capacity isn’t needed.

Celtic Park can fit another 7000 in after all meaning it would be the natural venue for any game set to sell out.

The Rangers, when their stadium is ready, can have as many Scotland games as they want once Fat Sally is named manager.

There won’t be much demand for those tickets anyway.



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