Instead of McGinn, McClean and McKenna we have Eboue, Hayes and Hendry. Time to spend

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Today we were kicked pillar to post, smart by Hearts, they dragged us into a battle of their choosing in the long grass of long balls and pinched the points against the run of play, whilst I am upset at their behaviour, we should look at our own failings after a scoreless 90 minutes first.

The facts of the matter are that we are trying to win the League without spending and indeed whilst selling, it seems like the Ronny Deila business plan has never left us.

Instead of attracting the top talent to Paradise and taking leaps between us and the rest we seem content with standing still and waiting for them to catch up, worse still as Hearts did today, they went ahead.

Today we saw failures in key positions, Kouassi was a passenger strolling around doing nothing showing off his Neil Lennon haircut, that we could have had John McGinn at the club up against a team he detests and would fight for every ball has me upset as I type it.

The goal was a farce, something 9 out of 10 defenders would have solved easily, that said there were 5 in the box when Lafferty scored from its edge, in fairness a belter that no keeper would save, but even a decent defence would never allow such a run or cross.

Hendry looks a player who should be playing in the Development team, it didn’t help he was headbutted, but that is part and parcel of defence, you get smashed as many times as you smash the opposition.

Jonny Hayes looks a player we have to make excuses for and hold our breath about on average every 20 minutes he plays, he was down for the count 3 times in this match and regained his strength to do little to nothing on the wing.

Imagine we would’ve bought James McClean, a man who issued a come get me and would bleed for the jersey.

He is currently at Stoke where he moved for a mere 5 million pounds, far less than Eddie cost and under the money that we have received for Armstrong.

Instead of a combative midfielder perfectly suited to the intensity of the Scottish game, we have a runner who we spend half our time hoping won’t injure his legs.

Had we paid for McGinn and McClean they would have cost us a combined 7.75 million, the cost of the other player I spoke of in McKenna may well cost close to that, Aberdeen’s pipe dream numbers would drop to a reasonable amount and we would have had our shopping done and 8 in a row assured.

With Boyata’s agent taking a leaf out of Armstrong’s trying to force a move today, we could have offloaded him for 9-10 million and found ourselves having made 18 million for the window with Armstong and Sviatchenko’s transfers.

That would have meant Eddie, McClean, McGinn and McKenna in, no need for more 1st team business and we would have either made a narrow profit or taken a minor debt of between 2-5 million for the window.

Why am I even talking about us trying to break even when we made 100 million last year and announced a Scottish record 7-year sponsorship deal?

Sometimes our renown business plan makes a little too much money.