Ireland proud of association with Celtic, UK ashamed of links to Sevco

In my life, I have met many from the Mother Republic who shared my love of the famous Glasgow Celtic, we talk, we drink, we sing, we laugh and we argue all in good jest often with others from the Irish diaspora which spreads the world over.

Irish people don’t just cheer for Celtic, they are genuinely proud of what the club stands for, from Brother Walfrids mission to feed the starving all the way through to giving the voiceless souls of Palestine a soap box whereby their pleas for basic human rights can be heard.

Celtic truly is an amazing club which lights up the souls of those who allow it.

On the other hand there are a quintessential mob out there pretending that the core values of Protestantism are hate, fear, supremacy and of late, cheating, delusion and gullibility.

I like many who read this have Protestant relatives, thankfully not staunch!

Protestants are in my eyes educated, hard working, tax paying, self-funding and socially conservative folk who don’t warm to new ideas as quick as an idealistic socialist Tim, but hold none of the hallmarks of the Govan peepul.

I love to bring up in patter that these people are related to you! They are the quintessential embodiment of your religion!

Queue heads in hands, shaking heads and family and friends heading for the fridge or uncorking a bottle of malt to kill the pain.

Not that I have insulted them, but they are insulted by the links to a group of idiots purporting to be them.

Their latest soiree through the streets of that decrepit place in balaclavas and behind a banner of someone kicking a Fenian shows entirely how far from the tree this particular apple has dropped.

They are not quintessential Protestants, they are quintessential fascists, from their garb to their politics to their denial of history, their leaflets, their songs, their arms razed in the air i the most despicable fashion.

Celtic are due to play the Mother Republic in Scott Brown’s testimonial and Broony has donated his gate to charity and the mourning family of Liam Miller, a simply magnificent gesture.

There are people who are offended at this due to the opposition being Eire, this is ridiculous, it again shows how out of touch a certain demographic truly is within the international paradigm we live in.

The world has moved on from the Victorian era, Sevco fans have not, this is shaming not just their club, but the culture of those they purport to represent.

On the other hand, Ireland will come and sing with their Glasgow cousins and all who are called to Celtic in a match that will sell out and be a commemoration of a fantastic career of a man who has climbed the mountain to be called a Celtic legend.

That he has shared that day with a player who was before his years at Celtic is all the more remarkable.

It will never be forgotten and will only build on the links between Celtic and Ireland.

Links that will never fade, a club and a nation that will never die.




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