Is Succulent Lamb back? The last 48 hours says yes.

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I know people will say the Succulent Lamb era never left us, but in the last 48 hours, Dave Murray’s ghost was upon the tabloids.

It started with the speculation of the big announcement over financing Gerrard, a certain cheerleader couldn’t contain his glee, it then was left to a handpicked few to go to a highly contrived presser with only bad news to be had.

The spin brigade then went to work selling the package which is actually unsellable, Rangers cannot raise money through a share issue until King makes an offer of 20p for the remaining shares coming in at a cool 11 million.

We all know this, King knows this, the media knows this, yet they continue to ask or should I say not ask the hard questions.

It is like a sterile man telling you he is going to father triplets.

Yet they are faithfully printing guff, the full Q and A as it is being dubbed in the Record is a lot of pre-prepared statements with weak supplementary questions, it is to be believed hook line and sinker.

On the point of the share issue and after a paragraph of Jabba on the Takeover Panel King said this:

Just to finally cover the Takeover Panel, it is important to stress this has absolutely nothing whatsoever in any way to do with the football club, directly or indirectly. It makes no difference to the football club, it makes no difference to the funding of the football club, it makes no difference to the ownership of the football club. This is an issue between myself and the shareholders of the holding company. It has got nothing to do with Rangers, it has got nothing to do with the team, nothing to do with funding.

It has nothing to do with the Football club?

I am pretty sure the cold-shoulder hits all businesses where King is operating in, one of those would be RIFC which is the holding company as it’s called of The Rangers FC.

Then came the quote of the year:

We appoint a manager who can win games, with more resources, and we take one league away from Celtic. We only need one league. We don’t need two or three. We need one. Once we take one away, it’s a pack of cards.

So Celtic will collapse like a deck of cards should we fail to win the Premiership?

Jesus wept, the club has massive reserves of money, a squad worth 10’s of millions and equity from the stadium and Lennoxtown which is being diversified with the building of a new hotel and fan zone.

We are not a one trick pony, we are owned by a bonafide billionaire and have major shareholders who are minted, should we ever need refinancing the supporters whose tranches under Fergus rebuilt Paradise would never let us descend into Armageddon.

That this is now running as a headline in media outlets is a Succulent feast not seen in years.

The media knows full well its print runs are dwindling, Gerrard represents paper sales for the SMSM that can keep the industry going, it looks like they will print what they are told from now on.

As they once faithfully did.