ITK podcaster breaks surprising news on Mortitz Jenz injury

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Natasha Meikle is part of the award winning team at ACSOM and is well respected, she has come out with 3 updates, with Guchi and Starfelt they are the news we have been waiting for, but with Jenz who has been reported injured by several blogs but not the media, her update is the biggest yet on the subject.

Apparently Ideguchi has suffered a bad cut, you can only imagine it must have been the bottom of a wayward foot causing some deep damage.

That it will take 2 weeks is bad but that it isn’t a tear of a muscle is a godsend.

The last thing we need is for ligament damage to pop up with the season about to begin.

Starfelt is back training and you would imagine the club physios will have a timetable for Starfelt to return, that he is back running is a bonus, hopefully we will see him in the next couple of weeks.

Who will be partnering him in the next couple of weeks is the major spanner in the works in an otherwise settled XI.

Will it be Welsh, Jullien or Jenz?

If all are fit it would likely be the last of them as he is a new signing and one we want to see play.

Jullien looks like his Celtic career is running down having failed to overcome his own knee injury.

Despite Celtic kicking a loan with a £3.5 million clause bid out for Welsh, he still doesn’t look like he is starting material.

When asked of Jenz’s availability Natasha said.

With just a few days until our test vs Aberdeen, all eyes will be on one position, it may just be that after a week of conjecture, Moritz Jenz will take his bow on flag day.

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