Its 1994 all over, only the colours have changed.

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I am nearly 40 meaning that unfortunately, i grew up watching Celtic play football in the same vein Sevco are now.

That is to say with no real hope of winning anything and a limited outlook on survival financially.

I remember us losing to Raith, as Sevco did a few years back.

I remember our stadium needing to be completely overhauled, as Ibrox needs now.

I remember when we had few stars and even less money to buy better players, as Sevco find their position is now.

I remember when the team across town was visibly better than anything that had appeared in Scottish football for a generation, as it is now with Celtic.

I remember when our owner wouldn’t spend and we all complained, Fergus however cannot be compared to King.

Most of all, i remember about obsessing over stopping the 10 in a row.

Any Celtic fan of my own age will tell you, we were all obsessed about it.

Both sides of Glasgow, the rest of the country and fans around the world, it was something everyone had an opinion on from the outset of the Walter Smith era.

It was omnipresent, we couldn’t get it out of our minds or mouths.

Laudrup and co beat us again. Have a look at the tackle to win the ball for the first goal. Somethings never change in Fitba.

The Rangers are staring at the abyss, i know, i have stared at it too.

Supporting a club literally falling to pieces, with new owners swept in with high expectations from at first jubilant fans.

Then the Auld Biskit Tin as my generation labelled our transfer kitty drove us all mad.

However, it did keep balancing the budget, even when the stadium was systematically knocked down and rebuilt in section by section at massive cost.

The stadium that Fergus built on 3 sides today stands as a monument to football itself.

Any supporter or player who has ever visited raves about it.

This stadium was however built at great cost, not just pounds for the stadium, but in diminished atmosphere and a short termed lowering of capacity.

It didn’t help us close the gap, it widened it and allocated funds for foundations and not for centre forwards.

Of course Fergus was right and must forever be thanked.

The thing is that in this cycle Sevco find themselves in, trophyless, rudderless and adrift in 3rd, they are yet to make the hard decisions.

They are yet to take upon the repair of their stadium.

They are yet to balance the old debts (not the Oldco’s debts but their operating short fall) and clear their creditors list.

They are also yet to earnestly begin rebuilding their squad with an eye to stopping the 10.

They are still demanding Pedro to win the Premiership next year, he wont and they will sack him and start from scratch again in a year.

What they need to do is the same what we did all those years ago,  plan years in advance on multiple levels.

1994 was a terrible time to be a Tim, we were poor, our team was poor and the opposite was true across town.

2017 is a dream that has dejavu throughout it, it is like i have experienced all this and therefore know how it will end.

Unless they learn from the wise and long term planning of Fergus McCann they will not stop the 10 in a row, their stadium will be condemned but not rebuilt.

For those Tims my age… How good is this 😀