Jabbas fingerprints on Slippys managerial coffin

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We are blessed to be in a leap year as we get an extra day of what has been a wonderful February, we have seen a relentless Celtic and a stuttering Newco lay down a run in that is there to be savoured, but who is to blame for the calamity across the city?

Well of course history will record Steven Gerrard as the man who threw away the advantage, choked and gifted Celtic the inside lane to 9 in a row, but the role of James Traynor can’t be understated, he has thrown his club under the bus.

The facts are that since returning from Dubai we heard reports from Hugh ‘whits the goalie dain Tom’ Burns about unrest in House at Ibrox, from there a flat Sevco returned and limped past clubs like Stranraer, something needed to be done.

On Jan 27 they lost to bottom club Hearts and it was advantage Celtic, it may have taken 19 days to find out Morelos was given a yellow card for his game over gesture but it took a matter of hours for the translategste saga to unfold.

We had attempts to kill Alfredo watered down to spying by his own woman, the hyperbole couldn’t sustain itself and it all centered around a Colombian who was consistently being marketed to the likes of Barca and Sevilla but still yet to receive a bid by any actual football club.

Then came the moment that in many ways blew the entire fracas up, on February 3rd Michael Stewart had the temerity to attack Jabba, the pod was never posted, the man himself suspended and Scottish Football exploded.

Since then we have seen Slippy falter repeatedly and his pressers look so gloomy that you would think the realisation of his own short comings has finally caught up with him.

He savaged his players repeatedly whilst staying true to a core who are getting worse by the week, he muses openly about finding ways to fix the issues but has no tangible solutions, he is clueless and his team knows it.

Today we see that Stewart is to be reinstated to the BBC without apology, we also saw them in Gerrard’s style wonder aloud how to stop Celtic winning the 10, their bias cant be discounted, they are stooges.

The era of Succulent Lamb is behind us, this February it tried a comeback and has been shot to bits by Internet Bampots, Spanish speakers and Michael Stewart.

When this season is written into the history books, the role of destroying Gerrard’s hopes of becoming a successful manager will be analyzed against the people he worked with at Sevco.

Usually a gaffer can blame his players, but Slippy can blame Jabba for unsettlingly their best, turning the attention on them all and compounding Gerrard’s inexperience and naivety before an audience of millions.

When Slippy is paid off in the summer and takes a job at Scunthorpe or in the MLS, he can thank Jabba for why he will never manage Liverpool.