Jim Spence joins the call against Gio’s postponement fantasy

Image for Jim Spence joins the call against Gio’s postponement fantasy

Respected journalist Jim Spence has joined the chorus against the Newco getting a postponement of the Glasgow Derby to help its bid to win the Europa League.

It is funny but in 2003 Celtic received no such help, nor did the Arabs in 1987, even more amusing is the fact the Oldco got help in 2008, something that Ibrox fans seem oblivious to.

Now the club that refuses to allow the Leagues sponsor to be displayed at their ground as it conflicts with one of their confetti holding investors are calling upon the rules to be bent again for their self serving agenda.

The last couple years have seen their super computer do them favour after favour, when the pandemic reawakened at Christmas all football teams were facing lockouts or postponement.

Remember how they howled?

Now they expect to be given help even though they would oppose it if it were the other way around.

This joins calls from Celtic fans.

This must be opposed, helping one club over all others has happened before, they tore Manchester to pieces and sullied Scotland’s name.

There must be no facilitation of their agenda.

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