Job done, now get a manager signed.

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As Celtic’s celebrations show, we have all but having secured our 5th consecutive title, our 47th title in total. Therefore, it is time to appoint the next Celtic manager and start planning for the future. Usually it’s seen as breaking protocol to celebrate the Premiership before all mathematical hope is extinguished.

The same can be said for appointing a new manager before the title has been won, but the precedent has been set. It is time to look forward, the job has been done this season, the rest is academic.

May is a fantastic time for the new Celtic manager to become acclimatised to Celtic’s current team and the abilities of those within it. It’s refreshing to see that Charlie Mulgrew has been told to wait for the new manager to see if he is offered a new contract. It is much better than buying players for a manager that has yet to be hired.

The important thing for players like Mulgrew and the myriad of players we have on loan, is that we have a manager who is able to assess our current playing stocks and make the necessary cuts, whilst retaining those with potential. We all know Celtic needs a clean out, but who goes and stays will depend on the philosophy we adopt, so the sooner we adopt a philosophy the better.

Celtic are showing their understanding of cold hard math. We know that our win has all but guaranteed the title. Whilst it is breaking protocol to celebrate before it has been definitively won, it is fair to say that it made sense. It also makes sense to appoint the new manager  as soon as possible, there will hardly be an opportunity for conflict between him and Deila. Ronny has said he wants to leave on good terms and leave Celtic in a good place to win 10 in a row. Here is his chance. .

It is time to move beyond the limitations of this era and look forward to the next. The next manager of Celtic has been longed for by the terraces since Molde. Celtic need to end this saga and hand the hot seat over to someone who can hit the ground running. The sooner we hire our new manager the sooner we can start to rebuild, a job that is long overdue.