Joey Barton wants to beat Celtic and lashes out at Sevco in mesmerisingly deluded rant

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It isn’t often that you read something as deluded as the following rant from Joey Barton, my favourite bit is when he calls himself a brilliant player who only has his time at Ibrox as a black mark on his career, I still remember the game Aguero won the league for Man City at the death when he was sent off for acting like a petulant child, not to say his jail time.

But I digress, read this and try and find a sentence that you can agree with.

As reported in The Sun:

“Every time I read a Scottish paper it’s a case of ‘Flop Barton’. It’s the only blot on my copybook as a player.

“Maybe there’s only one thing for it and that means I’ll have to go back to Scotland and take charge of Hibs, Aberdeen or Hearts — and ram it down the Old Firm’s throats.”

“You know what you’ve done and I don’t need anyone to tell me that I was a brilliant player.

“I know better than anyone else what I contributed when I pulled the shirt on and that’s all that matters to me. If the papers or the propaganda that clubs put out is favourable to you, then you see there is a good rapport when you go back.

“The only exception is with Rangers.

“My time at Ibrox is the only black mark I’ve got in my copybook as a player. I can’t count myself successful as a Rangers player because I fell out with the manager there and wasn’t allowed enough time to prove myself.

“But look at what’s happened to Mark Warburton since we went our separate ways. It’s been a case of sacked, sacked, sacked. Now he’s a first-team coach at West Ham and look what’s happened to David Moyes since he arrived.

“But if the powers-that-be had got rid of Warburton and stuck by me, they would have won their 55th title a lot sooner than they did under Steven Gerrard. But Rangers made a bed for themselves with Warburton and they had to lie in it.”

For starters Joey, The Rangers have only one 1 title, not 55, had you stayed there would be several extra editions to the banter years and you were at best a talented player with no temperament, much like the Ibrox side, an occasional disgrace and a constant embarrassment.

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