Judge declares new laws “Not needed” on Football Behaviour, the act is dead.

Good news today as the hated Football Act has been left to die with Lord Bracadale deeming there was no need to replace the hated law which was recently repealed.

As reported by the BBC, Bracadale has stated that all forms of xenophobia should come under one banner and that Football doesn’t need a particular set of laws for governance.

This is a highly pragmatic move, the Act itself was unpoliceable as whole stands would sing about wading through Fenian blood at one match with regular impunity whilst if someone sang the chorus of the symphony it was a matter of national concern.

What constitutes offensive behaviour is highly subjective, somehow, for example, singing that your culture isn’t starving to death anymore because our people fought off an oppressor who raped half the planet pink is offensive whilst singing about Britania ruling other people is fine.

Regardless, until a single piece of legislation is agreed and debated, there will be no ramifications for nationalist and loyalists alike for the coming season.



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