Karamoko bench role for Cup final

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Social media is on fire with glowing praise for debut Bhoy Karamoko Dembele who shone with skill beyond his years for the first XI on trophy day vs Hearts.

The starlet found space on the fringes and had a few shots drawing a save and looking dangerous throughout.

There is a clamour building to have him included in Neil Lennon’s match squad for the Scottish Cup Final with young Dembele producing form that warrants a place on the bench.

Obviously we don’t want to put too much pressure on the lad, however if we are to keep him beyond his 2 year stay at Paradise then we have to show him reason to commit and nothing does that like medals.

It is to be hoped that we will see the youngster coming on as a super sub during the next campaign which starts in a matter of months, if we are in need of a match winner late then he looks to be the option fans want standing ready on the white line.

After a miserable week whereby we were told the sky was falling down, pendulums had swung, records were due to be broken in Ayr and the obligatory nonsense surrounding the number 55 infected Twitter, Dembele’s debut goes to show that we are better in every way.

We are the Champions, we have the best academy, we extended our lead and we are playing for a treble treble, something that has never been achieved.

Karamoko celebrating with the Bhoys at full time at Hampden with a medal around his neck and an offseason to prepare for a bright future in Hoops would be an amazing end to a tough campaign.

It wouldn’t be an act of charity either, the wee lad looks a Footballer and you can be sure that the world will be watching every time he steps onto the pitch.