Karamoko should be blooded early and offered a long term future in Hoops

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We all remember Islam Feruz who was soaring through the youth ranks where he developed for 6 years only to reject a professional contract and be pinched by Chelsea with delusions of grandeur of playing in the best League in the World.

His latest appearance for the development team where he scored will alert them further.

Europes elite have made no bones of the fact that they are watching young Karamoko like a hawk and the Hoops starlet will have a difficult decision to make as he approaches his 16th birthday.

In an ideal world, we would offer him a senior contract after he turns 16 and then ease him into the team over a period of years and allow him to mature as a Footballer as his body developed.

But the riches and silver tongues from England and the continent will surely look to prise him away from Paradise before we can see his potential realised in Hoops.

Lionel Messi made his senior debut at the tender age of 17, Karamoko turns 16 on the 22nd of February next year and the vultures will circle between then and the end of the year looking to steal him away.

Jack Aitchison who debuted in Ronny Deila’s last ever match scored at 16 and 71 days, there is no reason that Karamoko could not be given a game or 2 at Paradise to likewise come off the bench and show his worth in the senior team.

A game in Hoops at a packed Paradise could go some way to making his mind up that his development is best served among one of Europe’s finest academies and under Brendan Rodgers.

Imagine a starlet lighting up the SPFL in Hoops on a long-term contract with the world at his feet?

Hopefully, he is blooded before the season end and we see him grow into a Hoops strip on the road to 10 in a row and beyond.