Karma kills Kenny, from WhatsApp Pedro to Goodbye Graeme

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Kenny Miller undermined one manager too many as the fallen Ibrox hero finally went the way of his hairline after one attack too many.

Funnily enough, his wife was left to take to social media to beg for a place for the old timer who will now probably get a job at the Daily Record complaining about Celtic and shinning moonbeams in the Peepuls faces.

I had thought with the complete lack of attacking options available to the Newco that he would probably be offered a contract extension.

Indeed, he was touted as the likely replacement to Pedro Caixinha when his WhatsApp revolution got its man, he came out of a bloody battle undermining the Govan gaffer for splitting the dressing room.

But he overstepped the mark when he went for Murty, himself the first to admit his errors, for example bringing Halliday on or should I say back from exile, Pedro was surely vindicated for getting sending Real Rangers Man to the middle of no where.

Now Miller has the next 5 weeks to watch a manager the board seems to be backing, he looks likely to take the broken team into the next 5 fixtures.

How they perform will have a lot to do with Kenny’s behaviour, he has undermined 2 managers with disastrous consequences the first time, I won’t be surprised if it is the same this time around.

Yet again, Celtic fans are gorging on popcorn with the jelly setting nicely in the fridge.