Keevins says racism worse now than 60 years ago but “problem was solved”.

Image for Keevins says racism worse now than 60 years ago but “problem was solved”.

Clyde SSB is always an apologist for the worst excesses of the Ibrox fan base and with the universal and main stream media condemnation over the racial abuse doled out to Kyogo Furuhashi on the weekend has reverted to type and is again setting up its smokescreens and mirrors to deflect from any meaningful conversation of the offences.

The below audio seriously needs to be listened to a few times, you feel like you need to take notes as to understand which point he is contradicting with every new sentences that bumbles out of his mouth.

First point, racism and sectarianism are the same thing, they are xenophobia so regardless of what the semantics are people hated people because they were different, muddying the waters helps no one.

To say that the hardcore are more sectarian, racist or discriminatory now than 60 years ago is nonsense, in 1961 Catholics were discriminated against openly, 8 years later in 1969 the Orange Order tried to ethnically cleanse Ulster and The Troubles began setting off 30 years of mayhem that cost over 3000 lives.

After being brought to task about how discrimination had a real effect on peoples lifestyles, work opportunities and ability to join as equal members of society Keevins incredibly says “And that problem was solved”.

Seriously Hugh, the games is up, time to put the queue in the rack, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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