Kick a Fenian day will be smash a Hun day

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We have recently seen some fascists from a certain demographic send an Email to James Dornan MSP about a prospective “Kick a Fenian Day” something that has typically consigned to banter, imagine the response if it were reversed?

That said, should this affront to human dignity let alone human rights take place on the mooted date of May the 1st this year we will see a very different response from those being kicked.

People understanding that assault, organised knife attacks on “plastic Irish”, shooting people, burning places of worship and hospitalisation of Catholics and Muslims in some sort of game for points will elicit a nuclear response from those under attack.

It will be interesting to see if the courts will be able to prove that should someone under attack kill their attacker(s) if they will face criminal charges as they will be able to claim self-defence.

Not just against an individual but against a group of politically motivated nonstate actors, otherwise known in the Press as Terrorists.

A group of people with a particular gripe over state policies like immigration and against a community like those who are either Catholic or Muslim cannot amass weapons such as knives and guns in an orchestrated attack to cause harm, destruction of property or death on these communities without drawing the label.

The facts are that if a group of Catholics decided they didn’t like the state policies of immigration of people to their country and decided to amass weapons and fight them, as say the IRA did once upon a time, they would have the label placed upon them.

Very much as they did.

But this is not about the liberation of land, republicanism or preservation of culture under the assault of paramilitary forces hellbent on the liquidation of your community as the rebel struggle in the 6 counties was.

This is about supremacy, murder, infliction of harm, destruction of religious monuments and a very political attack on peoples rights to Nationalist politics.

As a hard Brexit hurtles towards the UK and the Nationalists position themselves to rip the London based conglomeration to pieces, the loyal element is typically raging at their perpetual marginalisation.

The poor dears emboldened by their public display of hate a recent football match which allowed them to promote their kick a Fenian ideology are now turning May Day, itself a holiday in the defeat of fascism, into a calling card to enshrine it.