King has 11 hours to put up £19,073,229 or face the cold shoulder

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This weekend has a major subtext to it off the field as well as on, we will likely not hear anything about it until Monday morning when the lawyers offices open and the Takeover panel call the sheriff, that is of course unless we read of a 19 million pound offer from Dave King before 17:30 this afternoon.

On December 4th Dave King finally started to play ball with the Takeover Panel after ignoring their earlier threats and telling the media he was within his rights to do so, when all avenues of extension were exhausted, he took his medicine and a timeline of deadlines were given for him to comply with the original verdict.

There are 7 stipulations, to the best of knowledge he has only complied with one of them (number 7), that being announcing that he would adhere to the Takeover panels demands via the Newco’s website.

You can see the entire media statement by clicking here, this is merely the 7 points he needed to comply with.

Point 4 is due at 17:30 and concludes the demands of the Takeover panel, with the exception of the post on the Ibrox teams website he hasn’t publicised that any of the other conditions which were due in December and January have been met yet.

If they have not and he again comes up with excuses as to why they haven’t been, he will find himself cold-shouldered and the club will be unable to trade with anyone whilst he remains.

With a week left of the transfer window and no movement for the remains of Pedro’s Galacticos and with fresh mouths to feed, Administration 2 may well be heading to Mordor sooner than we think.