King’s delay a gamble on beating Celtic

Celtic are due to play the Newco at Hampden on April 15 in the Scottish Cup which will be the Peepuls last chance of rescuing something from a wretched season, 8 days later King has allegedly put up the 11 million pounds for the ‘shareholders’ outside the concert party.

The timing is more than a little quaint, King has drawn this out over and over again on the hope that The Rangers will get a shock win in the Semi-Final and when the share offer goes through that the staunch element will hold onto their ‘investment’ with Tina Turner blaring in the background.

Should Celtic beat the one time Petrofac cup holders, the percentage of those who will take up the offer will soar.

This will have several effects, firstly it will make King an owner and not merely a major shareholder, his stake will expand in an exercise of buying fans out, not putting money in.

Secondly, it will bleed Dave King white, the penniless South African who has no liquid cash by his own admission and who has barely put a coin into the Ibrox operation will then be unable to whilst holding a massive stake.

Thirdly it will make Sevco all the more on the nose to Merchandisers, Sponsors and prospective investors all of whom will want nothing to do with the glib and shameless liar.

Of course, if the Takeover Appeal Board decide to throw the book at King then Sevco become a pariah and the consequences will be manifestly worse than these three listed.

Regardless, Celtic have the opportunity to not only secure the double treble, they can hobble King and Sevco with a victory which will have shareholders fleeing like rats off a sinking ship.

That will centralise ownership and control over Sevco by a man who is making Sir Minty and Agent Whtye look like Bill Gates in comparison.



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